OMINDEX® Explained

OMINDEX® is a comparative, company performance rating system, approved by the Maturity Institute(MI), which successfully combines conventional measures of financial performance with measures of ESG performance. The methodology that produces these comparative ratings assesses how companies create value; relative to their effective capacity.

The two unique ingredients in this rating system are:

  • A clinical focus on the returns achieved, and achievable, from human capital, leadership practice and management systems
  • An ability to measure the delivery of value to all stakeholders – what we call Total Stakeholder Value.

This is not just a radically different, corporate performance measurement system, it provides a detailed diagnostic to identify areas for significant value improvements and risk reduction. It does so by asking 32 high-level, causal, qualitative questions about core ESG, human capital and intangible systems; each with a subset of questions that provide objective evidence of additional value creation (see Fig 1).

OMINDEX® follows the same type of rating scale as the credit rating industry.  This ranges from AAA to D with 20 gradations. Based on research tested evidence and a growing dataset of rated firms, it is clear that higher rated firms are better able to sustain and create value measured across a range of  financial, human and environmental indicators. More information on how OMINDEX® can be of value to you can be found via this link.