Barclays rated at B- with low margin, poor quality and high risk

London, 11 February 2016: OMS LLP announced today that it has re-rated Barclays to B- ; a low point 7 on the 22-point OMR Human Governance rating scale. This rating is supported by a full analysis and research note issued today. Paul Kearns, Senior Partner OMS LLP, says:

“We seSlide1e Barclays as missing huge value opportunities, equivalent to a minimum 10 percentage points on operating margin, and material revenue loss arising from poor utilization of human capital. The company has quality issues affecting client and customer engagement and we see little strategic coherence or appetite for better performance in human capital management terms. We also see evidence of limited human capital risk mitigation through adopting a combative attitude to regulatory compliance. With this rating material human capital risk remains high. For Barclays’ investors holding a long-term position, and seeking above average returns with this stock, we recommend pursuing an active engagement strategy with Barclays in order to encourage senior management recognition of the material risks and missed opportunities associated with its present approach.“


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Management quality and capability has been missing from conventional company research, valuation and investment decision making. Company failures and material value loss occur on a regular basis yet approaches to identify root causes use ineffective and weak diagnostics. Traditional research may identify certain corporate exemplars but not why they are able to generate long-term differentiation and sustained value. OMS fills that gap. OMS LLP researches, rates and advises on effective Human Governance; a brand new discipline that finally makes whole, the way we examine, value and engage with companies to generate true, lasting value for all stakeholders.