About Us

OMS LLP is the first professional services firm to be accredited and licensed by the Maturity Institute , sharing a common aim of helping organizations to create Total Stakeholder Value through maximizing the value of their human ‘intangibles’ – corporate culture, human capital, governance and management systems.

We work with financial services firms to utilize and integrate our OMINDEX® into investment decision making. We also work with C-suite executives to build understanding in how to develop a value based maturity strategy designed from analysis of their own OMINDEX® rating.

Our underlying premise is that if an organization wants to reach its highest potential value it can only do so if it realizes the potential value from the human capital comprising all its stakeholders. The perfect, virtuous circle is one where the best values of the organization’s human stakeholders are reflected in the way it does business. This means a firm provides the greatest value to all stakeholders, who in return will generate the greatest value to the organization. 

For more information about out OMINDEX and Total Stakeholder Value, you can read The Mature Corporation – a Model of Responsible Capitalism (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019)


Stuart Woollard – Managing Partner

Paul Kearns – Senior Partner

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