For Companies

When companies receive their own, unique, OMINDEX®, they begin to understand how human intangibles drive value and risk, and how they can improve communication with investors about their own leadership and management practices. In the emerging era of ESG, sustainability and Total Stakeholder Value, OMINDEX® provides a global standard to navigate this critical transition, and an evidence-based measure to demonstrate progress.

We are able to offer OMINDEX® training to in-house company leaders and managers, together with individual licenses to practice, under the quality assurance standards of the Maturity Institute. This offers companies the opportunity to develop in-house OMINDEX® capability; to utilise and operationalise our ground-breaking approach without the need for external support (and at a fraction of the cost). 

The OMINDEX 32 question diagnostic 

“I have really enjoyed our collaboration thus far and look forward to being actively involved in the Maturity Institute in future” ; “This is very exciting and I am happy to join MI”  OMINDEX analyst feedback

We would be pleased to discuss how this can be of value to both your company and the professional development of your own leaders and managers. The training programme already has a proven track record to ensure replicability and consistency of quality outcomes, while individuals learning the methodology have responded enthusiastically and proactively to developing their own new skills, which many now regard as essential to their job. 

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