Join our professional OMINDEX® advisory network

We are now actively seeking  to grow our network of OMINDEX® consultants and advisors.

As a result of growing demand for our services, we are looking for suitable applicants to train and become fully licensed Organizational Maturity and OMINDEX® advisors to support the growth of mature management practice within the corporate community. By becoming an OMINDEX® advisor you will:

  • Gain a new perspective and unique understanding of how human intangibles create financial and ESG value 
  • Improve intrinsic value and identify, often hidden, human related risk
  • Develop your capability to understand how companies can better manage the transition towards sustainable, Total Stakeholder Value while improving conventional, financial measures
  • Learn how to more effectively integrate business and human capital strategy to aid decision making
  • Develop more effective ways to help with company reporting by using OMINDEX® questions and analysis

As an OMINDEX® advisor you will also join the network of Maturity Institute professionals who are helping to build the new business ecosystem; putting responsibility and Total Stakeholder Value at the heart of corporate purpose, culture and operations.

Organizational Maturity is a new field of practice that requires high intellectual capability,  flexible thinking, and superb analytical skills; especially in the less tangible aspects of organizational management.  You should have in-depth business management experience and a particular interest in the human dimension of organizations.

If you would like to apply to become a licensed OMINDEX® practitioner please provide your CV with a short (max 500 words) cover letter to Paul Kearns or Stuart Woollard.

More information about the nature of our work can be found within our core text: The Mature Corporation – a Model of Responsible Capitalism (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019)