diagnosing and defining the roadmap to Total Stakeholder Value

  • Something fundamental has been missing from conventional company research, valuation and investment decision making
  • Company failures and material value loss occur are widespread yet management approaches to identify and deal with root causes miss the importance and impact of human governance systems
  • Traditional research may identify certain corporate exemplars but not why they can generate long-term differentiation and sustained value

Our starting point is to explain how people, culture, leadership practice and management systems drive value and operational risk.

We carry out company diagnostic and sector research and have developed our proprietary, ground breaking OMINDEX ratings for those in the investment, corporate, and regulatory communities who are seeking long-term value creation and better risk management.

How does your company measure up against others rated in our index? How can you generate material, long-term value from you own human value systems? Find out about our in-house ratings here.

We also advise on developing effective Human Governance; a brand new discipline that finally makes whole, the way we analyse and manage company value to generate true, long-term benefit for all stakeholders.

Our approach captures a holistic, whole system view of the organization that identifies the nature and quantum of specific, material value opportunities and risk issues. It reveals whether Organisational Maturity and human governance is coherently linked to business strategy and the extent to which competitive differentiation and superior returns are possible for investors.

Please look around our site to find out what we do and how we can be of value to you and your organization.