Purpose, Values and Performance


OMINDEX® is now being used across multiple professional practice contexts – investment, corporate and advisory. This approach and methodology is emerging as a key ESG standard as all organisations transition to a socio-economic system underpinned by Total Stakeholder Value. 

How does your company measure up against others ? How can you generate material, long-term value from your own human value systems? 

OMINDEX® captures a holistic, whole system view of the organization that identifies the nature and quantum of specific, material value opportunities and risk issues. It reveals whether responsibility and ESG are coherently integrated into business strategy. OMINDEX® also measures the extent to which competitive differentiation and financial performance are reconciled with creating the best possible Total Stakeholder Value. 

We can work with you to assess your OMINDEX® rating and profile. Alternatively, we can train and license OMINDEX® for you to deploy it yourself; whether you work in an investment, corporate or advisory practice context. You can then join a growing group of Maturity Institute professionals using the latest evidence-based methods; to diagnose and develop solutions for the best organisational health outcomes. 

For more information about OMINDEX® and Total Stakeholder Value, you can obtain a copy of The Mature Corporation – a Model of Responsible Capitalism (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019).

Please contact Stuart.Woollard@omservices.org for any enquiries.