OMI Premier League

As the 2015/16 season ended, we released our inaugural football club Organisational Maturity Index (OMI) and detailed report for the Premier league, where each club has been analysed and rated based on its leadership, management quality and capability for creating sustainable value; not only with respect to its players but from all human capital.

OMS-Sports Governance is focused upon delivering increased performance both on and off the field of play, through improved governance and organisational maturity. We achieve this through OMS’ unique ratings and analysis, an approach specifically recognised and recently adopted by Harvard Law School. Through our work in the corporate world and with the investment community, we have shown that we can deliver tangible results and significant benefits, by helping organisations optimise their management and organisational capability through a mature whole systems approach.

Our full report, “An Analysis and Rating of Management Quality at Premier League Football Clubs” is available via this link.

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Season 2015-16

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Assessing Human Governance – Rating Human Capital