Our approach

Headshots-75aOrganizational maturity is about effective Human Governance. It is about mature management practice applied to human capital, both internally and externally (e.g. in the value or supply chain), to create the maximum value possible for both an organization and society. Maturity is also a never-ending journey that an organization should embark on willingly and only emerges when the board and Exco understand that it means greater value for all stakeholders.

The first steps towards maturity can be difficult: human governance is a sensitive area.  While we provide independent maturity ratings (OMRs) of publicly listed firms, as well as related advice for the investment community, we also provide advisory support to companies. From Human Capital Reporting, helping to identify the key measures that drive corporate value and aid risk management, to providing confidential and fully comprehensive OMRs, which show exactly where a company fits along our ratings spectrum and identifies both the nature and quantum of human capital management opportunities and risks.

The concept of human governance and the practice of mature management is relatively new (although its roots can be traced back to the Puritan migration to America in 1630).  Yet, very few organizations are operating at the highest level – our rating of AAA.  This means few companies want our work with them to be made public until they are comfortable that greater transparency in this area is in their interests.  We fully understand this issue and work on a totally confidential basis until a company is ready to make any public disclosure.

OMS is approved by an independent, not for profit, global professional body – the Maturity Institute.  MI’s purpose is to develop mature management thinking and practice across the entire, global business spectrum. MI informs our values and our practice, and we share its goals.

Stuart Woollard, Managing Partner OMS LLP