OMINDEX – Shared IP Protocol (SIP)

The OM30+© Shared Intellectual Property Protocol (SIP):

The IP inherent in the concept, creation and design of OMR (Organizational Maturity Rating) and OMINDEX; and the question construction, analytical process, scoring and rating; is the property of  OMS LLP.  The adaptation of the OMINDEX ‘AAA’ scale is based on the original Maturity Institute (MI) scale, which remains the property of  MI, and is made freely available for use by its membership.

OMS LLP, as an MI-approved provider of OMINDEX, and in accordance with MI’s goal of maximising total stakeholder value, makes the OM30+© scoring and rating template openly available on the basis that the IP is shared for the benefit of all stakeholders; including companies, investors, regulators, and advisers.

Permission to use the OM30+© remains strictly under the guidance of OMS LLP in conjunction with the Maturity Institute

OMS LLP runs programmes on use of the OM30+© on behalf of MI and as a key component of its global OM standards. Use of the OM30+© as part of professional practice requires individuals to become accredited Maturity Analysts and members of the Maturity Institute; adhering to its standards of professional practice and development. Such professional practitioners will also be required to abide by current MI and OMS LLP SIP policy and associated protocols.