Leadership & Management Quality (LMQ©)

Leadership & Management Quality Index©

Board and Executive Maturity Assessment and Development

Modern pressures demand a mature response: the demands and pressures on board members and executives today are unprecedented. The stakes are higher, corporate governance is critical and societal expectations are changing. Do you and your senior colleagues have the necessary capability to shape these challenges to your advantage?

OMS LLP, creators of the groundbreaking OMINDEX©, the global ratings index of company maturity, is pleased to announce its Leadership & Management Quality Index© to assess and rate boardroom and C-suite capabilities in human governance and human capital management.

Our ‘AAA’ rating scheme has gained widespread recognition with investors as it connects ‘intangibles’, such as human capital and organizational culture, to quantifiable organizational value. Our proprietary OM30+ questionnaire is the foundation for OMINDEX© company ratings and forms the basis for our illustrative CEO Self-assessment. This methodology has now been developed and tested to produce a suite of sophisticated executive assessment, rating and development tools:


Self-assessment and self-awareness for all levels of leadership and management identifying key capabilities and development needs.


A Maturity assessment of internal and/or external candidates for the purposes of selection or promotion to senior roles


An in-depth, baseline assessment of personal levels of maturity; covering every dimension of the OM30+, with specific measures to measure and monitor progress in leadership development and value impact.

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