PRESS RELEASE – World’s first universal standard in Human Governance & Human Capital Reporting

HGimageOMS LLP announces the world’s first template for establishing minimum, universal standards of Human Governance & Human Capital Reporting

London, 25 May 2016: The Maturity Institute (MI), in conjunction with OMS LLP, has today made available to investors, company boards and other stakeholders their new Human Governance Reporting (HGR16) standard.

The ground-breaking HGR16 is a set of questions designed to address whether a company’s human governance meets a minimum standard of corporate integrity and legitimacy. The HGR16 is designed to help companies view their operations as a complete, value creation system and facilitate meaningful and insightful human capital reporting. It prompts a broad range of integrated, qualitative and quantitative insights that enable in-depth analysis of how material human capital is to organizational value and whether it poses any significant business risk.

For investors and asset managers the HGR16 provides a key tool to aid effective engagement with companies on critical human governance issues.

The HGR16 standard has been developed from MI’s research-tested “Ten-Pillar” human capital value framework and OMS LLP’s unique methodology for rating corporate maturity (i.e. “AAA” rating reflecting achievement of full value potential).  It can be augmented with in-depth coverage of specific areas e.g. R&D, the entire supply chain or context related risk.

Paul Kearns, Chair of the Maturity Institute says:

“The evolution of company reporting in recent history has witnessed simplistic human capital metrics being offered as proxies for actual value. These indicate reluctance or a lack of awareness to address the real issues behind the pressing demands for greater transparency and more insightful company reporting. Proxies such as employee engagement scores, training activities, or staff turnover, serve little purpose for companies, investors or other stakeholders. The power of the new HGR16 standard comes from its assessment of the whole value system, including crucial facets such as senior management quality and human capital management capability. It delivers the richest picture yet of corporate culture and the likelihood of how this limits value and engenders risk. In the light of the serial, corporate scandals and failures of the last decade the HGR16 is a fundamental tool to facilitate more sustainable, long-term, value creation.”


Copies of the new HGR16 are available upon request to:

About the Maturity Institute

The Maturity Institute (MI) comprises a global network of leaders, practitioners and academics striving to build vibrant, healthy and sustainably successful organizations. Our aim is to build understanding and encourage the practice of effective Human Governance; an approach that not only reconciles the goals of societal and organizational value but makes them mutually inclusive. MI undertakes research, organizes educational events and provides professional development to help organizations better govern and manage human capital to release its full potential in the pursuit of never-ending improvements in societal value.

 About OMS LLP

Management quality and capability has been missing from conventional company research, valuation and investment decision making. Company failures and material value loss occur on a regular basis yet approaches to identify root causes use ineffective and weak diagnostics. Traditional research may identify certain corporate exemplars but not why they are able to generate long-term differentiation and sustained value. OMS fills that gap. OMS LLP researches, rates and advises on effective Human Governance; a brand new discipline that finally makes whole, the way we examine, value and engage with companies to generate true, lasting value for all stakeholders.